Peace Lily Small
Peace Lily Small
Peace Lily Small

Peace Lily Small

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Known for it’s air purifying abilities and signature white flowers, the Peace Lily (or Spathiphyllum), is a forgiving low light specimen that will tell you when it’s thirsty! Just look for it’s tell-tale droop and make sure to water it a little sooner next time.

Height with Pot: 1’ - 1.5’
Nursery Pot Size: 6”

Plant Care Tips


Low to Bright Indirect


Water when the soil feels dry to the touch a fingers length down.


Easy! Great for beginners and can take a fair amount of neglect.

Watering Tips

Plants have roots the entire length of their pot, so make sure to thoroughly drench the soil until you see water run out of the bottom of your container. If your plant is especially thirsty, let it sit in the excess water for 15 minutes. Otherwise, remove the excess water from your drainage tray.

About The Eva Planter

A perfect lightweight pairing for any plant! Your plant's nursery pot will sit inside these plastic pots without drainage holes, saving your floor from water damage and allowing you the ability to water your plant seperately from the container. Simply lift the inner nursery pot liner to remove your plant from the Eva Planter before watering. Allow your plant to drain fully before returning.



Width: 7.10"
Height: 6.50"