Cacti & Succulents

Your new best #PlantFriend may be a bit prickly, but their sun loving nature and easy to care for attitude will quickly bring them to the top of your plant group! Sit these Cactus and Succulent finds in your sunniest area. Let their soil completely dry out before giving a thorough drink of water. 
Hoffman Cactus Mix Regular price $6.95
Burro’s Tail Hanging Basket Regular price $39.95
Cereus Peruvianus Regular price $29.95 +
Euphorbia Acrurensis Small Sale price $24.95 +
Euphorbia Lactea Small Regular price $34.95 +
Fish Hooks Senecio Regular price $36.95
Plant Pack: Bright Light Regular price $49.95
String of Pearls Regular price $36.95