Monstera Adansonii Hanging Basket

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Monstera Adansonii Hanging Basket

Looking to add a unique Monstera variety to your Houseplant collection? These rare Monstera Adansonii hanging baskets are lovingly nicknamed the "Swiss Cheese Plant" for their adorably holed leaves. This voracious grower will fill out and vine with a nice medium to bright indirect light. 

Height with Pot: 1' - 1.5’
Vine Length Will Vary from Picture



Medium to Bright Indirect


Water when the soil feels dry to the touch a fingers length down.


Normal. Can take slightly less than ideal conditions.

Watering Tips

Plants have roots the entire length of their pot, so make sure to thoroughly drench the soil until you see water run out of the bottom of your container. If your plant is especially thirsty, let it sit in the excess water for 15 minutes. Otherwise, remove the excess water from your drainage tray.