Our Favorite Office Plants

Spruce up your lobby area, conference room or desk with our selection of  resilient, easy to care for office plants. These houseplants can take a bit of neglect, so you can worry less about taking care of them and more about meeting those deadlines!


Looking for more of a tactile plant experience? Our two retail locations are jammed packed with indoor & outdoor plant finds you don't want to miss.

Pothos Cebu Blue Regular price $39.95
Golden Pothos Small Regular price $24.95 +
Scindapsus Silver Satin Small Regular price $24.95 +
Marble Queen Pothos Hanging Basket Regular price $39.95
Golden Pothos Hanging Basket Large Regular price $39.95
Scindapsus Silver Satin Hanging Basket Regular price $29.95
Neon Pothos Small Regular price $21.95 +