Bright Light Plants

Our Bright Light plants do their best in a home or office when placed close to a sunny window where they can receive bright, diffused light all day. Plants in the succulent or cactus family should go directly on a window sill to receive direct light. Order online for delivery to Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens or FREE in store pickup. 


Looking for more of a tactile plant experience? Our two retail locations are jammed packed with indoor & outdoor plant finds you don't want to miss.

Chamadorea seifrizii 'Bamboo Palm' Large Regular price $195 +
Schefflera Alpine Small Regular price $21.95 +
Ficus Moclame Large Regular price $225 +
Majesty Palm Large Regular price $195 +
Ficus Lyrata Large Bush Regular price $225 +
Bird of Paradise Large Regular price $249.95 +
Schefflera Arboricola Regular price $125 +
Monstera Deliciosa Large Regular price $169.95 +
Ficus Benjamina Regular price $149.95 +
Ficus Lyrata Large Standard Regular price $225 +
Ponytail Palm Large Regular price $149.95 +