Wooden Air Plant Canoe

Wooden Air Plant Canoe

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These Wooden Canoes are such a decorative way to showcase your new Air Plant collection! Place on a table or shelving unit with bright diffused light for a unique way to add some low maintenance green to your home. Soak these air plants in water once a week for 30 minutes and let dry thoroughly before placing back on the Canoe.

14" long by 2-3" tall

Plant Care Tips


Bright Indirect


Soak in room temperature water for 30min every 7-10 days.


Normal. Can take slightly less than ideal conditions.

About The Eva Planter

A perfect lightweight pairing for any plant! Your plant's nursery pot will sit inside these plastic pots without drainage holes, saving your floor from water damage and allowing you the ability to water your plant seperately from the container. Simply lift the inner nursery pot liner to remove your plant from the Eva Planter before watering. Allow your plant to drain fully before returning.